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Arctic Kids Knit Studio

Knitted Accessories - english booklet

Knitted Accessories - english booklet

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Hello! How great that you want to knit some clothing and accessories for the Arctic Kids teddy bears. Knitting bears is fun, but what’s even more fun is knitting accessories! However, what's for sure is that playing with the bears becomes more enjoyable when they have some accessories, at least that's the case with my little ones at home. They get to practice their fine motor skills, empathy, and creativity :)

In this booklet, you'll find a variety of accessories that are suitable for several of the bears in the Arctic Kids family. The accessories can easily be adjusted by using a smaller needle size or changing the type of yarn if you wish to make some modifications. The patterns also describe which bears the accessories are suitable for.

The gauge for each accessory is not specified, but the general gauge of the yarn can serve as a guideline. It's important to note that gauge can vary, and it's perfectly fine if the accessories vary slightly in size. This also means that you can mix and match different types of yarn and yarn combinations :)

Enjoy your knitting!

Teddy bear hug, Heidi //@arctickids_

The booklet contains these patterns:
Fluffy and (a bit) magical ballerina skirt
The Essential Wool Sweater (Non-Itchy – I think!)
The ultimate leggings
Pretty Pom-Pom Scarf
The Bag of Oddities
Tasty donut
Cuddly Bunny
Blanket and Pillow
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